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Dichiarazione di valore

Dichiarazione di valore - This document is issued by the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Moldova and enables studying or working in Italy. This document states that the education obtained in the Republic of Moldova complies with all the norms and standards required in Italy. This procedure is mandatory because the duration of studies in Moldova and Italy differs for both institutions providing secondary education and those offering higher education.

For those wishing to study or work in Italy in their field of expertise, it is necessary to confirm their education. Our company's specialists will assist you in obtaining the Dichiarazione di valore document. You just need to contact us and provide all education-related documents (certificates, diplomas, and attachments). You can contact the phone number: +373 (79) 79-11-00.

Our experts will take care of everything for you: translate the documents, legalize the translation with a notary, and go through the entire process of legalizing the diplomas.