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Legal Translation

Legal translation at Diplom agency – a guarantee of quality and precise conformity to the original!

Legal translation is the pinnacle of translation services! 

Legal translation is rightfully considered one of the most complex forms of translation. After all, it must accurately convey the legal meaning of the original based on special terms accepted in the legislation of the target country. These texts have elevated requirements, namely:

  • Reliable and adequate transmission of the meaning and formulations of the original;
  • Accuracy in matching legal terms;
  • Clarity in expression.

An additional complexity of legal translation lies in the fact that the texts of the original and the translation are organized within different legal systems and use different formulations. Therefore, the translator must understand the nuances of jurisprudence in both countries. It is precisely such specialists who are selected in the team of translators at the specialized agency DIPLOM, which has been successfully providing translation services to clients in Moldova and other countries for over 18 years.

Legal translation may be required for:

  • Contract drafting;
  • Expertise/examination of necessary legislative acts or their projects, as well as various opinions, legal documents, etc.;
  • Apostille certification;
  • Formation of a package of founding documents;
  • Preparation of business documents – powers of attorney, business plans, investment projects;
  • Legalization of all types of personal or corporate documents.

The experience and qualifications of Diplom agency translators guarantee a complete match between the text and the content of the original. If necessary, legal translation can be formatted in a bilateral manner (with two columns) with the full preservation of illustrative elements – tables, graphs, formulas, etc. An additional service is notarization to certify the correctness and accuracy of the translated document, which constitutes its official legalization. After this step, the document finally obtains legal status.

Legal translation at Diplom Translation Agency – a guarantee of quality and precise conformity to the original!