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Legalization of Documents

Legalization and legal translationscarried out in compliance with all legislative requirements.

Legal translations are among the most complex, as they are laden with specialized terms. Moreover, legal translations bear a special legislative responsibility, as distorting a term or meaning can lead to the misinterpretation of the document and unforeseen consequences.

What is the significance of legalization?

The legal force of translations is also characterized by the concept of legalization, which represents a procedure through which documents acquire legal status. In many cases, an official document, in addition to the usual, even complex, and specialized translation, requires so-called legalization, i.e., legal approval.

In our agency, the task of an accurate legal translation of any level of difficulty and its subsequent legalization is solved at the highest level of quality from a legislative and articulate standpoint. Legalized documents gain legal force in any country. Additionally, there are states with which the Republic of Moldova has special international agreements that do not require additional legalization of legal translation.

Types of legalization

The practice of international cooperation has formed certain types of legalization that may be required for Moldovan documents:

  • Apostille;
  • Regular notarized translation;
  • Consular legalization;
  • Dichiarazione di valore;
  • Legalization of documents related to education;
  • Nostrification;
  • Legalization of records of various civil status acts.

In our agency, we perform all types of legalization and help you choose the optimal option for your document!

3 reasons to turn to us for legal document translation and legalization:

Reason 1: The high level of our certified translators ensures all necessary requirements for the quality of legal translation of any level of difficulty. All our office translators have undergone special certification at the Ministry of Justice.

Reason 2: The responsibility of our translators for the correctness of all legal translation terms and meanings involves strict adherence to the letter of the law and additional obligations for each of them. Their experience and qualifications are additional guarantees of the quality of their work.

Reason 3: The convenience of working with our agency is appreciated by all our clients. Our order acceptance offices can be found in different areas of Chisinau and in cities throughout the Republic. The completed order can also be obtained at any of our offices in Moldova. We offer the possibility to pay for the order with various forms of payment, considering the interests of the clients.

The problem of document legalization and legal translation ceases to be a problem when our employees handle it! In order to apply for this legalization of documents, please contact us on this phone number: +373 (79) 79-11-00.