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Notarized Translation Of Documents

Notarized Translation of Documents – Precise and in Compliance with Legal Requirements

Notaries provide legal certification for a wide range of documents, whether they are contracts for companies or references for individuals. However, when it is necessary to submit a foreign document in Moldova or a Moldovan document abroad, a notarized translation is mandatory. Our translation bureau offers this service, adhering to all the nuances and requirements of notarized translation.

What Sets it Apart

The essence of the notarized translation procedure lies in attesting to the authenticity of the signature of an authorized translator. Highly qualified translators undergo certification at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova and are registered in a special registry available to notaries.

With the authority to attest to the authenticity of documents and signatures, notaries confirm that the translation is done by a certified translator and, alongside them, take responsibility for the quality and legislative compliance of the document.

What is Required

For the proper procedure of notarized translation, it is necessary to present the following options to our bureau:

  • The original of the corresponding document (text);
  • A copy of the document authenticated in Moldova;
  • A copy of the document authenticated abroad with the "apostille" endorsement or accompanied by consular legalization.

Documents must be in an intact condition, free of strikeouts, glue, erasures, or additions. Otherwise, the notary may refuse to notarize the translation of the documents.

In the absence of an apostille or consular legalization, but in case of their necessity, our bureau can provide these services upon the client's request.

For Which Documents a Notarized Translation May be Required

The list of such documents is quite extensive:

  • All types of identity documents – national and foreign passports, pension certificates, military IDs, etc.;
  • All types of certificates issued by the Civil Registry Office, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, civil status certificates, death certificates, and others;
  • Employment documents – extracts from the employment record book, work certificates, etc.;
  • Education documents – from student IDs and grade books to certificates, diplomas, and others;
  • Documents related to the place of residence – certificates, extracts from the house register, sale-purchase agreements and/or donations of real estate;
  • Medical certificates and extracts;
  • Business documents related to business activities – founding documents, statutes, contracts, powers of attorney, etc.;
  • Financial and banking documents;
  • Documents related to property rights – patents, licenses, copyright certificates, and others;
  • Driver's licenses and documents related to vehicles or other means of transport;
  • Any certificates and texts.

Regardless of the complexity and type of the document, our staff will perform notarized translation of documents professionally and within the specified timeframe.

If you want to order a notarized translation, please contact us on the phone number: +373 (22) 26-11-27; +373 (79) 26-11-27.