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Urgent Document Translation

If there is a need for an urgent document translation, the best option is to turn to the Diplom translation agency.

Urgent document translation – high-quality and hassle-free!

The dynamic pace of modern life and the occurrence of unforeseen situations can create a state of rigid urgency when it seems that there is no solution to the problem. If the problem is related to the need for an urgent document translation, it will be quickly solved by the employees of the specialized agency, Diplom.

The urgent service in our agency implies the execution of document translation in the shortest possible time, regardless of the language and complexity of the text. The well-established scheme for executing orders for urgent document translation includes:

  1. The client's immediate contact with the bureau – through the online order form, by email, by phone, or in person at the branches in Chisinau or other cities.
  2. Coordination with the manager of all details of execution and payment of the order.
  3. Payment for the order.
  4. Providing the client with the urgent document translation and necessary additional services, such as notarization of the document.

Depending on the language pair and the overall volume of the text, the time for performing urgent document translation can range from 2-3 hours (for common languages and small volumes) to 2-3 days in more complex cases. A cohesive and competent team of highly qualified translators allows for the urgent translation of even large volumes of text. In such cases, a group is formed led by an editor who is responsible for the final version of the translation. In any case, the client receives a "turnkey" high-quality translation within the specified timeframe, meeting all stated requirements. 

Choosing us, you make the right choice!